The DLC Group 2018 Guide to the Office of the CFO contains insight relating to industy compensation and presents analyses of topics and trends that affect businesses today. Companies of all sizes can use this data and information to help attract, motivate and retain their accounting and finance professionals.

Our goal is multi-layered: to provide knowledge and ideas to guide you as you prepare for an ever-shifting business reality; to help you define and create competitive and attractive job offers to the right prospective employees for your firm; and to arm you with an understanding of what today’s top job candidates are seeking so that you can stay relevant, thereby minimizing attrition.

While market conditions may vary by industry and specialty niche, your salary decisions can be enhanced and improved by consulting this guide. It includes a comprehensive list of accounting and finance salary ranges across the CFO suite.

Thinking beyond traditional benefits has added more complexity to defining compensation. Workers today consider company culture, hours worked per week, working from home, growth and development opportunities (including mentoring), levels of responsibility and stress when comparing their income to their peers. As CFOs and HR personnel consider the skills, experience and expectations of their workforce, the question, “What does Glassdoor say about us?” is becoming more relevant.

Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to provide leaders and managers with an overview of salary trends and to help employers negotiate compensation for new hires as well as manage increases for the tenured members of their organizations. The DLC Group has synthesized findings from a combination of full-time and interim-to-hire placements as well as local market research at the time of production. This study is intended to serve as a guide in addressing key issues related to compensation in the accounting and finance arena. For more information, contact The DLC Group for a complimentary consultation.

A Note About the Data:

In reviewing compensation, remember that total compensation is comprised of several factors: salary, bonuses, benefits, and sometimes equity. The salary ranges listed in our guide represent base compensation only, and are specific to the averages of the California business marketplace.

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