Develop a Success Trait: Become a Perseverance Standout!

Reports about successful people reveal that they take deliberate steps to achieve success through perseverance. You too can develop consistency and tenacity by persisting with practices that lead to success. Here are examples of some with steps for staying on track.

Keep Your Eye on Success

Maintain focus on your goal. Your success becomes tangible as your process gains form.

  • Keep reminders of your goal around you to visualize its reality.
    • Display pictures or other symbols of your prize.
    • Post words and dates of significance and success.
  • Plan your calendar to include scheduled actions to take. Then do them.
    • Let others know important action dates.

Focus on Lessons Rather than Failures

Pay more attention to what you learn from your achievements than from failures.

  • Zero in on what went well to identify the factors that made it so.
    • Review internal and external influences.
    • Use this information to expand your success.
  • Look at the root of mistakes to determine a better approach for the future.

Reach Out to Your Allies

Determine who your true allies are! They are the people who genuinely care about you. They are enthusiastic about your goals, project, and next steps.

  • Talk with your allies about your aspirations.
    • Listen to your own level of passion.
    • Request their input and ideas.
  • Listen for their enthusiasm or hesitation—both will provide useful insights.
  • Request help, especially with skills and areas you want to strengthen.

Cultivate Gratitude

Be grateful for the grand and simple things that emerge in your life.

  • They don’t need to be related to your focus. The point is the practice.
  • Express gratitude aloud and to yourself.
    • Watch others’ responses to your gratitude.
    • Take note of how this practice makes you feel.

Practice Resilience

Reality shows that not everything works out as planned. When best intentions go awry, it’s time to practice resilience. Pick yourself up by:

  • Doing something tried-and-true that improves your mood and outlook.
  • Decide if what went wrong was truly a big deal.

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