It is always a hassle when you have to fill an open position. The process of trying to find that one person who matches your needs takes time. Not to mention you have many options in certified corporate controller candidates. It can be tough narrowing the list down to that one person who you extend an offer to. Get started on the right foot by working with us at Beacon Resources. Our hands-on approach assures you get the personalized service you need to discover that perfect candidate.

We Understand Your Needs

We help you to understand how to hire the right employee. Our approach includes supporting you through the entire process from finding suitable candidates, scheduling interviews, and delivering a signed offer letter. .We streamline the process and remove much of the hassle. Here’s a look at some of the perks of working with us:

  • Source talent with exceptional experience and skills
  • Provide interviewing tips for employers
  • Perform background checks on candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Extend employment offers

You can count on us to bring you finance professionals who meet or exceed your expectations. Our talent pool is very deep. Regardless of what you need, our team is working hard for you every step of the way. With our consultative approach, you will feel involved and in charge of the whole process. In addition, we want to help you make the best decision now and in the future, so we offer plenty of help and assistance, from writing job descriptions to ensuring employee retention rates stay high. Working together, we can help build a high performing team.  

Get Started Today

Let’s get things started today. Learn more about who we are and what we do. Call us at 1-844-500-8100 or contact us here and we can get started now to help you find the right candidate.