Five Tips for Better Job Search Etiquette

The job search can be a tiring and frustrating experience. Nevertheless, you should uphold a certain level of decorum when communicating with hiring managers. Not only will this increase the likelihood of landing a job, but also better condition you for workplace behavior on the whole. Here are seven pointers to help you professionally conduct yourself in front of employers when seeking a job.

  1. Use Your Job Search Time­—and Theirs–Efficiently

When meeting with hiring managers, you should remember that they are likely meeting with dozens of candidates that week. Your answers should be concise, yet engaging and informative. Afterward, waiting for a response may try your patience, however, refrain from repeatedly calling employers about their decision. They may not contact you until they’ve interviewed everybody.

  1. Be polite

This point should be a given, but sometimes candidates forget in their frustration to always be courteous when speaking with hiring managers. Also, whenever on company property, avoid muttering displeasures under your breath or rolling your eyes–you never know who may be standing next to you.

  1. Listen Attentively and Engage Actively

The interview process is just as much about listening as it is about speaking. Be sure to listen to questions carefully and respond thoughtfully. Employers can tell the difference between an active consideration and a canned response.

  1. Dress for the Job

In most office environments, business or professional attire is expected to be worn by all applicants. In other environments, a more casual dress is acceptable, if not preferred. If you are unsure about attire before your interview, don’t hesitate to call ahead to check with the employer.

  1. Follow up Promptly After Interview

It is customary to send a courtesy note or email to the hiring manager to thank them for their time after an interview. You should send these the day of the interview and no later than the following day.

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