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“Why are You Interested in this Position?” Job Interview Question

Prepare for your upcoming interview by crafting responses to some of the most common job interview questions. Along with the “tell us about yourself” inquiry, you’re also likely to be asked, “why are you interested in this position?” There are a number of ways to address this job interview question. We have crafted job interview question tips below that will help you stand out in a positive way.

Steer Clear of These Job Interview Question Responses

It helps to know about responses that will be frowned upon. This allows you to focus on preparing a positive, winning answer. Replies that focus on the salary, desire for leaving your current position, or the amount of vacation time are unlikely to impress the hiring manager. Also, avoid suggesting that this position is most important because it will help you to quickly get ahead.

Include Your Interest in the Organization

Although it may be obvious, you want to work for this organization. Demonstrate you have done due diligence to learn about the company in your response. Potential topics to include are:

  • The meaning of the organization’s mission and values to you as a finance professional.
  • The company’s history of innovation and excellence.
  • Its commitment to community endeavors.

Relate the Position to Your Skills and Interests

Link job specifics with your abilities to make your response shine. This is the information a hiring manager wants and needs. Your solid reply means that you have carefully reviewed the position’s requirements and responsibilities. You have conducted a self-assessment and can clearly state what you bring to the job. That includes your interest in learning and growing in this ever-evolving field.

Let Your Soft Skills Show

Hiring managers are rarely going to ask you directly to describe your soft skills in a job interview, so it is up to you to creatively highlight them. The trick is to showcase your soft skills by the way you articulate your answers.  This can by done by explaining your answers with a ‘how’ statement, rather than just stating the result.  Show your soft skills by:

  • Showcasing your perseverance and dedication when discussing your accomplishments, job responsibilities and problem solving.
  • When describing your accomplishments, mention how you collaborated with colleagues.  Avoid ‘I’ statements, and use ‘we’ whenever possible.
  • In order to showcase your adaptability, describe a time that you stepped in to help a colleague when you noticed they needed help or were overwhelmed.
  • Sincerely expressing gratitude for the chance to interview for this desired position.


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