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How to Make Introductions at Business Networking Events

Workshops, round table discussions, and other business networking events provide you with the chance to broaden your network in a more personally connected way than internet or email outlets.  That is why you need to become a pro at making introductions face-to-face.  Prepare yourself by reviewing the following successful practices.

Volunteer to be Event Staff

Some business networking events welcome volunteers. Even a modest time commitment provides you with effective networking. Options include helping out as:

  • A greeter at the event entry or registration table.
  • The person who introduces a guest speaker.
  • A guide to direct attendees to sessions and facilities.

Prepare Your Introduction

Think about introductions that have left you feeling connected with people whom you have met. Recall the behavioral aspects that made you take notice. Observe others to learn business networking traits like:

  • An engaging smile and handshake.
  • Eye contact, warm voice tone, and interactive demeanor.
  • Overall style, from clothing to business card.

Now plan for the conversational aspects of business networking.

  • Be ready to converse about things you have in common with others at the event.
    • Length of time you’ve been in the city/state.
    • Incentives for living in the area.
    • Appealing aspects of today’s event.
  • Bring up something career related you’d like others to remember.
    • Professional next steps.
    • Something surprising you recently learned or did.
  • Include words that convey your integrity by talking about:
    • What you value.
    • Your career passions.
    • Personal aspirations.

What do You Want to Learn about People You Meet?

Learn about the people you meet. Inquire about what sessions they attended or why they selected this networking event. People find it meaningful to talk with someone who listens well.

Be Sure to Follow Up after the Business Networking Event

Make a few notes during the event by stepping away for a few minutes. Use these later to recall the people you’d like to meet with.

  • Send follow up emails or texts within a couple of days.
  • Point out what you recall from the conversation that interests you.
  • Offer a prompt to get together for an informational interview or further build your professional relationship.


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