Job Hunting

Job Hunting in 2017

Job hunting in 2017 is much different than it was 20 years ago. It is different than the way it was just 10 years ago. New technologies and efficient processes have changed the way people look for work, and you need to stay on top of trends to have a more successful job search.

Job Hunting in 2017 = Networking

One of the biggest buzzwords you will hear while job hunting is “networking.” These days it is more about who you know than what you know. When reaching out, you should be comfortable with cold calling and attending networking nights. You also need to have an active presence on social media, which includes having a LinkedIn profile.

The Application

Most jobs these days require two documents: your resume and cover letter. Before submitting it, your resume needs to be perfect. You cannot afford to make typos. Additionally, you need to be mindful of how you write your cover letter. This document needs to be brief but unique. You do not want a hiring manager to have the impression you are sending the same letter to every position.

The Environment

Once you get an interview, you want to be certain you will enjoy working at this organization. You also need to get a feel for the people working there. That includes everyone from the secretary to the CEO. Other things to get information on before accepting a job offer are the benefits and compensation. Before getting to work, you want to be sure you understand the following.

  • Base salary
  • Overtime opportunities
  • Bonus structure
  • Meals, transportation and housing
  • Relocation assistance
  • 401(k) match

Hiring managers read many more applications than they used to. There is increased competition from millennials who are entering the workforce for the first time and Baby Boomers who are continuing to work later into life. If you are job hunting for a career in finance or accounting, you can submit your resume for review to Beacon Resources. Fill out the contact form provided here.