job interview questions

Job Interview Questions

Interviews are a two-way street. You get to ask questions, just as those have been asked of you. The answers you receive give vital information about how good of a fit the company is for you. Below are some pointers to help you select the best job interview questions for your next interview.

Ask Job Interview Questions About the Company

Learn more about the company. Doing so assures that you are making a well-informed decision. Prepare a few questions. Decide which one(s) to ask based on how the interview unfolds.

  • Inquire about the on-boarding and new employee phase. These responses reveal the organization’s attention to detail and investment in new employees.
  • How do you celebrate success? Answers here let you know if honoring success is embedded in company culture. You will also learn if celebration is a formal or informal process.
  • What opportunities are offered for professional development? This is a crucial question about the commitment an organization makes in employees and overall corporate quality.
  • What do you like best about working here? Listen for a sincere response that indicates engagement and enthusiasm.

Ask Job-focused Questions

Ask pointed job interview questions. Doing so fills in details not covered in job postings.

  • What are the standout qualifications for the position? Answers to this question go beyond the details of skills and qualifications. One is learning the style of the most suitable candidate.
  • Determine if there are factors that limit your getting the job. Inquiring about your perceived limitations offers you the opportunity to address these. It also lets you know if your chance of getting the position is good or otherwise.

Inquire About the Department

Let’s face it, the quality of departments varies, even within a solid organization. Answers to these questions offer you insights to help you decide if this is a position you want.

  • Ask how the department does its work. This information lets you know about work processes and the department’s culture.
  • How is success measured? This response gives you an idea if the department uses outcome measures that you find suitable for individual employees as well as the group.

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