To be the preeminent provider of finance and accounting solutions in the markets we serve.

Business Purpose

To provide our clients with unparalleled service, to provide our consultants with unrivalled opportunity and to provide our stakeholders and the communities we serve with unprecedented returns as we change the way accounting and finance work is executed.

Core Values

Open and Honest Communication

  • Our communication is direct, honest and professionally courteous.
  • We communicate with both our internal and external clients frequently and in a transparent fashion.
  • We embrace constructive feedback as an “active approach to excellence”

Trust and Integrity

  • When we make a commitment, we deliver without exception.
  • We are guided by the principle of “Always do the right thing” even when the right thing is the most difficult option.
  • We serve our clients with a stakeholder mentality which builds trust and in turn, establishes long lasting relationships.


  • We operate in a performance based culture where those who perform are celebrated and those who do not are conspicuous.
  • We all have a role – we know what it is – and we perform at the highest levels.
  • We demonstrate commitment and dedication and finish what we start.


  • We utilize simplicity as a competitive advantage.
  • We have a well-defined service offering that we deliver in a focused, undistracted and exceptional way.
  • We focus on the “vital few”- we engage in only those activities that improve the consultant experience, the client experience, the value of the enterprise or the equity of the brand.

Servant Leadership (Robert K. Greenleaf)

  • We recognize that we are in a service business and we need to do whatever it takes to exceed our internal and external client’s expectations.
  • We are here to serve, respect and empower our consultants so they in turn can similarly serve our clients.
  • Behind our “Firm of Greater Purpose” initiative, we serve those less fortunate in the community with the same passion and commitment we demonstrate with our clients.