Got a New Hire? 3 Ways to Help Make Them Productive

Got a New Hire? 3 Ways to Help Make Them Productive

Adding someone to your team is exciting but it can also be tricky. How do you make your new staffer feel welcome and part of the company culture? An employee who feels like a part of the group is prone to be more motivated and contribute to an increased bottom line. Here are the top 3 tips for making your new hire more productive.

  1. Don’t Overlook the Details

    You can never be too diligent in helping a new hire out. When someone is brand new to an organization, they can easily get confused and frustrated with the small stuff that they don’t know. Make it a point to go over how to accomplish simple tasks. Teach them how to use the photocopier, where the coffeemaker is, and where the best lunch spots are.

  2. Provide a Mentor for Your New Hire

    Utilize your current team members to show the new hire the ropes. This is an easy but effective way to helps them build a direct relationship and get an idea for how the company culture works. Pair the new staffer off with a few members at the same level so they can bounce ideas off of one another. The best mentorships are when both people can learn from it.

  1. Be Social and Fun

    Make their first days and weeks a fun and warm experience. Have lunches together or play team-building games. Don’t make your new employee feel alienated or not part of the group. Include them in activities with open arms as much as possible. The more welcoming your environment is, the more productivity will ensue.

Alleviate your new hire’s anxiety and uncertainty by being inclusive on day one. Giving consistent support, freedom, and objectives will help your new staffer feel important and part of the team. By following the above 3 steps, you can help your new hire hit the ground running without any lulls in productivity.

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