seasonal employees

Seasonal Employees are Good for Business

Forecasting when your office will need extra help can be difficult.  However,  if your office is like most, there are indeed some predictable times of year when there will be spikes in workload. Whether it is due to tax season or the holidays, it is best to plan ahead to avoid workplace disruptions. Start early.  The demand for seasonal employees tends to rev-up well before their season starts.

The Pros of Seasonal Employees

Here are several reasons why hiring seasonal employees is good for business:

  • Your business may not be responsible for certain benefits for seasonal and/or part-time staff.
  • You get to know staff who would be good full-time employees.
  • Morale is boosted because full-time staff feel supported and not over-worked.

Particularly helpful times to consider seasonal employees are:

Tumultuous Tax Season
Accounting departments can become overloaded with challenging deadlines, heightened workloads and expanded hours during tax season.

The Holiday Rush
When employees take time off during the holidays, stress levels can increase for the remaining employees trying to fill in their shoes while keeping up with their own work.  In addition, year end tasks can be very time-consuming.

Summer-time Blues
The warmer months is a popular time for employees to take time-off to enjoy the sun.   This can leave you scrambling to keep up.

How to Find Seasonal High-Performers

Use this checklist to guide your selection process:

  • The worker matches your need. Examples include:
    • A parent or student who wants extra cash for the holidays.
    • A college student or recent grad looking for a change from studies.
  • Seek seasonal hires with values that match your organization.
  • Look for those who see the job’s learning potential.
  • Recruit people who will be seasonal workers in the future, such as:
    • Local students or others wanting a periodic income boost.
    • People who work another seasonal job at another time of year.

Search for Seasonal Employees With a Top Accounting & Finance Staffing Firm

A solid relationship with an accounting and finance recruiter is crucial to finding the perfect seasonal employee. An experienced staffing agency like Beacon Resources knows the accounting and finance candidate market.  Beacon Resources has a sizable database of job seekers, including those who you won’t have access to by checking the job boards.

It can also be challenging to evaluate and hire staff when your team is already stretched. A staffing agency will make hiring straightforward and help you on board your seasonal employees.