new job

Settling into a New Job

Settling into a new job takes time and patience.  The first few weeks can feel both exhilarating and intimidating. Meanwhile, those first few weeks can also make or break your experience with your new employer.

Take steps that make settling in meaningful as well as successful.

Convey Respect and Gain Trust

Show respect for your new colleagues by listening attentively to their insights. Take the initiative to get to know them.  Ask thoughtful questions to gain information about workplace practices. Your ability to show respect for coworkers and workplace culture supports your gaining trust as you settle in.

Seek Out a Mentor at Your New Job

Reach out to potential mentors during the early weeks on the new job. Network to determine who is best equipped to help you negotiate the nuances of the workplace and your position. Organizational leadership includes those who want to assure the success of new employees. They know that as staff thrives, so does the business.

Develop Rapport with Your Manager

Build a relationship that has meaning for both you and your manager. Use active listening. Ask questions. Repeat information to assure clarity. Show interest in your manager’s values and goals for your department or team. As the weeks unfold and you gain job confidence, step forward to assist your manager. Share your professional motivations. Your manager will learn you are someone to call on for specific projects.

Refine Clarity About Your Role

Knowledge about your job role and responsibilities begins before you are hired. Once you are on the job you are expected to apply and adapt your skills to your new position. Read workplace materials to assure you are clear about the role’s functions. Seek clarity as needed. As you evolve in your role, make suggestions on steps for streamlining processes and improving quality performance. Doing so demonstrates innovation and your commitment to the organization.

Continually Build Your Professional Network

Network within and outside the organization to learn from others. Share professional and personal interests that will benefit you as they contribute to your value within your new organization.

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