accounting job interview

Signs That You Nailed Your Accounting Job Interview

Anxiously waiting to hear if you nailed your accounting job interview?  We all know the feeling: You were punctual, prepared and polished, but did the interviewer notice? The conversation seemed to go well, but how can you be sure?  It would be easier if every successful job interview ended with an immediate job offer, but that rarely happens.  Now’s the time to reflect on your interview. Look for signs that it went well. When you recall that most of the following occurred, you’ll know you nailed it!

Long Interview

The accounting job interview questions, answers, and dialogue went smoothly. The interviewer paused near the end and asked if you had time to discuss the position a bit more. The interview going into overtime is a sign the hiring manager is interested in you.

Second Accounting Job Interview

You know that second and third interviews can be part of a company’s search process. That invitation for a second interview during your first interview is a good sign.

 Other Prospects

Accounting and Finance professionals are working within a sector of very low unemployment. Companies are in competition with each other, hoping to hire someone with top skills and aptitude. Being asked about your other prospects is a great sign. Hiring managers need to know when to move quickly to recruit the most in demand candidates.

You and the Hiring Manager Got Along Well

From the minute you walked in the door, people made you feel comfortable. The interview dialogue flowed well between you and your interviewer. The rapport felt genuine, from handshakes to comments about shared values and aspirations. You even had a few minutes to chat about common interests you have outside work.

Another Manager Was Invited In

Early in the interview the hiring manager asked your permission for a department head to step in to meet you.

Follow-up Specifics

Your interviewer provided you with follow-up details, including a direct phone line and email. The statement “please let me know about any job offers you receive” made it clear you are in the running!

Job hunting? You’re in the right place! Working with a finance and accounting staffing firm can help you find the right job for you.