employee performance

Engage Employees in Ways that Promote Peak PERFORMANCE

With accounting and finance unemployment rates hovering between one and two percent, businesses are focusing on innovative means for engaging employees. It is a given across economic sectors that when staff is motivated, it shows in their performance. Use that word, though long, as an acronym to guide steps for promoting an engaged workforce.


Create a workplace that is positive, taking steps to promote staff upskilling, while advancing system efficiencies. One outcome, that goes along with this performance enhancer is heightened customer experience.

Encouraging Performance

Leadership and managers are encouraging with their staff. Support work efforts throughout the business, seeking employee input and fresh ideas.


Coach employees to reflect on their career paths. Offer them work time to explore learning options that support skill advancement. Have managers schedule meetings to reflect on projects, bringing forth quality improvement ideas.


Welcome moments of levity and spontaneity, knowing that fun and humor lighten the day. Survey staff to learn their suggestions for fostering workplace camaraderie.


Offer growth opportunities. Ideas include professional advancement, continuing education, on-the-spot learning options, or work exchanges for skill development.

Recognition of Performance

Recognize staff contributions. It may be unwavering attendance or support of coworkers. Express gratitude or spring for a team buffet. A ready smile and head nod are acknowledged for what they are, genuine appreciation for good performance.


Decide the next steps you’ll take to further develop your supervisory skills. Let managers and staff know about your interest in mastering the art of innovative leadership. Consider if your management team will benefit from participating in the experience with you.


Assure that employee onboarding processes and performance evaluations focus on assets. Highlighting each employee’s abilities supports engagement and promotes advancement readiness.


Encourage and recognize innovation and novel ideas. Whether it’s related to work systems or new products, promoting novelty stimulates enthusiasm and motivation.


Design a workplace culture that flourishes on your business’s mission and values. Create spaces for informal meetings, walking and talking, and where creativity is welcome.


Infuse your organization with the above, plus the desired mix of perks and benefits, and you are sure to be surrounded by engaged peak performers.

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Benefits That Top Applicants Want

You and your business competition are acutely aware of today’s competitive job market. There are more available positions for accounting and finance professionals than there are qualified applicants. This factor makes it imperative to find and keep high performing employees. And a healthy benefits package will help ensure that you attract and keep the best and brightest talent.

Stay Up to Date with Benefit Trends

Although more companies are considering a number of work/life balance benefits, information as we head toward 2020, looks quite traditional.  A recent MetLife study reveals that 81% of employees indicate that health insurance is a “must-have.”

This same study also reports an increase in employees who believe their employers have a responsibility toward their “health and well-being.”  This study further notes the value employees place on retirement plans and paid time off.

Recruit Benefit Providers Too!

Knowing this information, it is time to assess your current benefits as you plan for the future. One step toward assuring your options will attract and retain talent is to offer the best plans. That is, those with the best cost-benefit ratios for your business and employees. One approach is for your HR department or benefits administrator to engage in active recruitment of benefit providers.

Whether the benefits administration is done in-house or outsourced, you will want to:

  • Assure that employee satisfaction rates related to benefits are collected and reported to leadership.
  • Learn about usage rates and anticipated changes for the coming year.
  • Anticipate potential changes related to state and federal mandates.

Back to Benefits for Recruitment and Retention

Having the best benefits available for your employees is one step toward recruitment and retention. The next is to assure that employees, customers, and the general public know about your commitment. After all, the health and well-being of your staff influence that of the community. This information in itself will bring top performers to your door!

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office productivity

Office Designs that Boost Productivity and Satisfaction

Employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction are foremost in every business owner’s mind. Miss on any of these success factors and profit margins sink. As does morale for employees who remain.  Up-to-date benefits and perks, plus managers who are adept with interpersonal skills, help with employee retention. Another area being touted as boosting both productivity and employee satisfaction: office designs.

Look into Office Design Results

As large, high profile corporations have moved toward elaborate, engineered spaces, there is the temptation to do likewise. Some are converting to primarily open spaces to encourage interaction. As it turns out, too much of a good thing can have mixed results. How is your leadership team going to select the right layout for your organization?

  • Consider the work functions of your various teams.
    • Do tasks require more collaborative or individual work?
    • What is the desired frequency of group-think time?
  • Look at design options that suit the work styles of different personalities and work styles.
    • Investigate the workspace needs of introverts, extroverts, and those who are a blend.
    • Consider the potential distractions of noise and lighting that may require other adaptations, such as headphone use.
    • Are there spaces for quiet minutes or a personal call?

Decide on Work Uses

Take a close look at what makes your team work well. Their days at the office can be long. Learning what makes staff feel respected contributes to engagement and productivity. Have managers and their teams describe what happens when:

  • Space and time allow them to have stimulating conversations.
  • Tasks require detail work with uninterrupted focus.
  • Employees have time for social interactions.

Is Noise Level Harming Productivity?

According to recent studies, productivity drops as much as 66% in a chaotic office filled with background noise.  Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate this. Acoustics can be adjusted through sound-absorbing ceiling tiles. Private offices can give employees quiet space that shuts out the distractions.  Consider the office layout, too. Are desks located near high-traffic areas where employees gather? Consider moving these desks closer to windows and/or farther from high traffic areas. Create barriers from the traffic for a more focused work environment.

Create Space and Policies for Varied Uses

Space design with varied use options supports work functions and individual preferences. Craft policies such as a headset or personal device use that contribute to productivity. Select Design elements that:

  • Offer convertible space to accommodate individual or small group use.
  • Bring employees together for spontaneous innovation sessions or casual conversation.
  • Allow for quiet time.
  • Add the benefits of natural light, walking space, and plant/garden areas.

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business culture

Cultivate a Rewarding Business Culture

Have you watched peoples’ faces when they talk about their “dream” job? Sure, it may include above average pay and vacation time. But that’s not really where their enthusiasm stands out. Peoples’ smiles broaden as they talk about a positive business culture that includes: respect, the potential to grow, and having their efforts supported. They’ll often talk about the importance of making meaningful contributions.

You realize how much your employees value being in a workplace where they are appreciated. This in turn is a source of motivation. The question is: How does a business cultivate a strong, values-based culture that offers intrinsic and extrinsic rewards?

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Business Culture Approaches

Some ideas and actions are shallow because they fail to thoughtfully build long-term enrichment and engagement. Some pitfalls include:

  • Displaying values statements without actualizing them during interactions with employees and customers.
  • Using passé jargon terms that do not match your quality work standard.
  • Culture-building strategies that are not applied to all departments and customers.

Begin with Where You are Today

Assess your current culture to plan for tomorrow. Circulate throughout offices and departments, listening and observing.

  • Take note of employees’ interactions.
  • Do you see company values in action? Where and how often?
  • Do you observe interactions and practices that are concerning?
  • Use these above points, and others, to engage staff in a dialogue about company culture.
  • Gather ideas for cultivating a work culture that employees will embrace and respect.

Move on from There

More than likely, you have learned that employees want to feel valued and trusted. You cultivate a rewarding culture as you:

  • Share business values and plans with employees and stakeholders. Keep these central in messages and conversations.
  • Act on your business values! Reaching out with genuine gratitude and encouragement makes staff feel recognized for their efforts.
  • Enact measures that promote work/life balance and employee wellbeing. Doing so underscores your respect for peoples’ commitment to the organization.
  • Adopt and implement policies that boost employee confidence. Focus especially on those that encourage cooperation, collaboration, and personal development.
  • Authentically demonstrate your work and community values. This encourages others to do the same.


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employee engagement

Improved Employee Engagement

Imagine, your employees completely engaged, as they sit in a meeting, intently watching their team leader point to a chart depicting increased profits. Is improved employee engagement your goal?  Engaged employees passionately go the extra mile and feel connected to their employer’s goals. They are the employees who will happily move your business forward.

Here are steps to make that hoped-for goal your workplace’s new reality.

Create Meaningful Workspaces

Update color schemes and tones that convey value and intention. Comfortable spaces with room to move and interact casually let employees know their wellbeing and interactions are valued. Businesses with multiple locations express unity by assuring similar design aspects from one setting to the next.

Assure that Things are Running Smoothly

From the computer system to heating and ventilation, staff appreciate a quick fix or prompt replacement. This balances what you request of them—the ability to go above and beyond at a moment’s notice when needed.

Advancing Staff Skills

Your business can set the standard for innovation and finance leadership. Your employees know that and want the chance to show its true! Offer them ongoing opportunities to learn new skills and expand their capabilities. As they reach for new and better ways to perform, they will carry others along with their momentum. Capacity builds as your business makes a mark for itself in the community and the sector.

Tie Each Task to the Mission

Even mundane, ho-hum tasks become energizing when linked with your business’s mission. Staff appreciate that you know some parts of the job lack glamour. And they are doubly grateful to you for pointing out why and how each task contributes to an overall positive outcome.

Little Things Mean So Much to Employee Engagement

Those are a ready smile, a heartfelt “thanks for staying overtime,” or sincere appreciation for a new idea. Expressions like these show employees you are a leader who pays attention. They’ll then stand together for you.


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