Keep Your Employees from Fleeing to Competitors

Each of your employees is an investment. You invest your time, knowledge, and money to assure your organization maintains top-rate expertise. Knowing that replacing them will be costly, the last thing you need is to lose them to a competitor.

Valuable Suggestions for Keeping Your Employees from Fleeing:


Work Flexibility

This includes break times, working from home, and everything in between. Consider options that boost employee satisfaction and increase a competitive edge.

  1. Flexible schedules.
     Employees who want to pursue further studies, have more work/life balance, or attend a child’s field trip. Flexible options add value, enhancing employee satisfaction.
  2. Working from home. 
    Telecommuting can lead to decreased overhead and the ability to hire the best candidates, regardless of where they live.

Competitive Benefits

Scan job postings to learn about your competitions’ benefit packages. Offering incentives beyond typical wage/benefit packages increases your business profile.

  1. Align employee benefits with business values.
    If a healthy workforce is important, consider steps that encourage workplace wellness, such as dedicated quiet space, healthy snack options, gym membership discounts.
  2. Talent Investment.
    Supporting employees’ professional development benefits employers, too. Upgrading technology skills, attending a seminar, or supporting graduate studies.

Atmosphere and Amenities

A positive, productive workplace is uplifting and takes planning.

  1. Recognition. 
    Employees appreciate having their abilities acknowledged. Descriptive words such as “attention to detail,” “passion for what you do,” or “consistent delivery” boost morale.
  2. Encouraging Leaders.
    You’ve seen it time and again. Natural leaders are an asset. Learning what motivates them and supporting their actions are positive business practices.
  3. Special Touches Matter.
    There are offices that welcome dogs, have lounge-style meeting areas, hold dress down days.  Engaging employees in what matters to their work community supports retention

Beyond Transparency

Transparency based on integrity begins at the top.

  1. Be Open.
    Employees value being part of a business that is boldly open about its practices and plans. Keep them informed through regular updates and by sharing ideas at open forums. Also, asking for their feedback is a fantastic morale booster.

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5 Ways to Reduce Turnover and Improve Engagement

It is best for the longevity of any company to retain workers rather than to always hire new ones. Effective employee retention strategies can help greatly. Learn how to reduce turnover by following these guidelines.

  1. Create a Positive Work Environment

People want to work in a place where they feel welcomed. Allow employees to personalize their cubicles. Adding plants and foliage to a workplace is another strategy for improving people’s moods.

  1. Reward When Appropriate

Employees want to know their hard work is not going unnoticed. When someone exceeds a quota or goes above and beyond the call of duty, provide some kind of extra compensation. A gift card or a simple Employee of the Month distinction goes a long way.

  1. Promote Work/Life Balance

It is vital for all employers to view their employees as people and not as resources. That means understanding that people have lives outside of work. Bosses should avoid always emailing people when they are at home. It can also be good to have birthday celebrations and paid lunches to let people unwind.

  1. Support Employees’ Career Goals

Employers should speak with their workers once in a while to discuss career development. This can be done at the same time as a standard performance review. Look for ways to promote from within.

  1. Review Exit Interview Information Carefully

When someone does leave, employers need to understand why. An exit interview can help a business owner understand if something was unsatisfactory in the workplace. It is also possible, that the employee realized she could earn more elsewhere. If that is the case, as the boss, you may want to review the company’s compensation arrangements.

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5 Low-Cost Ways to Keep Employee Retention High

The problem with hiring exemplary accounting and finance professionals is everyone wants them. Once you’ve managed to snag a solid workforce, you have to ensure you do your part to keep them right where they are. Here are five low-cost strategies for boosting your employee retention rate.

  1. Promote from Within

The next time you need to fill a position, go to your current employees first rather than post an ad on a job board. You never know if your team members have been thinking about taking on a new role or a more advanced position, and you also might not know if they’re just as well-suited (if not more so) as outside candidates.

  1. Employee Relaxation = Employee Retention

Stress is easy to come by in the modern workplace. Rather than have your employees hurry out of the office to find peace and quiet, provide them with such a place inside your office. Setup comfortable couches, chairs, games, books and a coffee table where your employees can kick up their feet and relax for a little while. A few moments of peace can do wonders for mood and productivity.

  1. Make It Easy for Employees to Be Passionate

When you’re emotionally invested in something, it becomes a pleasure rather than a chore or a means to an end, and the same applies to your business. Whatever service or product your company provides, get your workforce passionate about it, which involves making sure they have all the information and details necessary to accurately understand your business and its wares or services.

  1. Encourage Feedback

Rather than rack your brain thinking of ways to improve your business, turn to your employees. Your workforce is sure to appreciate you asking them for their insight, and they’ll appreciate it even more if you actually use their suggestions.

  1. Birthdays Off

Simply put, who wouldn’t want to remain with a company that lets you have your birthday off?

For even more ways to boost employee retention check out 5 Ways to Reduce Turnover and Improve Engagement


3 Signs It’s Time to Hire

It is understandable you need to hire a new employee when someone quits. However, there are other times to consider bringing someone new onboard.

  1. Other Employees Feel Overwhelmed

It can be easy to get into the habit of assigning additional responsibilities to current employees. However, overtime, can lead to employees consistently having too much on their plates. This stress can lead to constant bickering and low morale. If you start noticing negative vibes around the office, then possibly someone new needs to be brought on to lighten employees heavy work load.

  1. Inability to Satisfy Customers

When you start getting a ton of complaints from customers, it could be a sign your employees are stretched too thin. Not having enough people on your team can lead to projects running late or going over budget. Make sure everyone has the time and resources they need to accomplish their tasks.

  1. Projected Future Growth 

Whether you have recently landed a huge order or plan on expanding your company’s presence, it can be exciting when you plan on growing your organization. The prospect of additional revenue coming in is tantalizing, but you should be seriously considering investing some of that extra revenue in hiring new employees. Increased demand means your current workers are going to be stretched quite thinly. Instead of giving people more than they can handle, assign new duties to newly recruited employees.

You really need to consider whether you can afford not to hire new employees when the situation calls for you to do so. If you are an employer looking for new workers, then get in touch with Beacon Resources. We can provide you with many candidates who would be a perfect fit for your organization.


5 Fun Team Building Exercises

Your employees need to do more than simply occupy the same space. They need to work together as a team. To aid in this endeavor, it can be productive and fun to do some engaging team building exercises.

  1. Salt and Pepper

For this game, you need to create pairs, such as salt and pepper or peanut butter and jelly. Write each individual item on a card and place it on the back of every team member’s head. Employees then have to walk around asking each other questions to figure out what word they have on the back of their head. At the end, the pairs need to find each other.

  1. Two Truths and a Lie

Bring everyone together and have each person state two true statements about themselves and one false statement. Everyone else then needs to figure out what the false statement is. This is a great way for people to learn things about one another.

  1. Grab Bag Skits

Divide employees into groups and provide each with a paper bag containing a few everyday objects. Give people time to create skits, and then have them perform the skits in front of the group. This is a fun, silly way to get people comfortable around each other.

  1. Mine Field

Put various small items, such as plastic cups, on the floor. Blindfold certain employees and pair them up with someone who is not blindfolded. The person who can see has to lead someone through the “mine field.” This is great for promoting better communication.

  1. Eye Contact

Pair up employees and have them stand facing one another. For one minute, they need to stare into one another’s eyes. There may be giggles initially, but this exercise gets people to be more comfortable around their coworkers.

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