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Job Seekers Can Expedite the Hiring Process

In-spite of low unemployment and high demand for skilled candidates, job seekers are still finding the hiring process slow. With many companies cautiously requesting three or even four interviews, candidates are waiting weeks for a hiring decision.  What is the cause for this cautiously long process? Hiring Managers want to avoid costly hiring mistakes. As a job seeker, understand that you need to be patient.  However, don’t  assume that you can’t accelerate the hiring process. There are steps you can take that may help the hiring manager come to a decision faster.

Strategy #1 Before Leaving

Before leaving the interview confirm that the hiring manager has all the information needed from you. For example,  ask: “Do you need to know anything about my skills or background that we haven’t discussed already?”

You want to make sure that you address any potential reservations the hiring manager may have. This will give you the chance to provide more insight into your skill set.  Or you can discuss plans to acquire training in the areas that the employer feels that you are lacking.

Also, make sure you know the next steps in the hiring process before you leave the interview.  Ask about timelines for 2nd interviews or for final decisions. This not only provides insight into how motivated the employer is,  but also lets you know when to follow up.

Strategy #2 Hiring Process Follow Up Plan

Your first priority, as a job seeker is to stay top-of-mind with the hiring manager after the interview. The best way to do so is by having a strategic following-up plan.  Be  persistent, but not a pest.

Unless instructed otherwise, send a thank-you note within 24 hours of an interview. If you were interviewed by several people, write one to everyone individually. In addition to being polite and professional, sending thank-you notes reaffirms your interest in the position.

If you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager after a week, call them. But, be aware of your tone. Don’t be too demanding. It’s imperative to be considerate and polite when following-up. Keep emotions at bay.

If the hiring manager has no update, politely ask when you can expect to hear back and reaffirm your interest in the position.

If you haven’t been given a decision or called for a follow-up interview after another week passes, call the hiring manager once more and ask if you’re still being considered for the position.   In the event they seem reluctant to hear from you, it is probably time to move on.

Strategy #3 Keep Your Options Open

You are wise to be applying for several positions for which you are qualified. One hidden benefit of this approach is that having more than one business interested in you can move hiring along. When you are offered a position, inform the hiring manager at your preferred organization. If you are in top contention there, you may receive their offer too.

  • How to do it: Politely let the hiring lead know that you have received interest and need to respond in a matter of days. Be clear to the hiring manager that the position you have been offered is second in line to them. They will appreciate your professionalism and transparent approach.


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hiring process

New Grads Need to Know About the Hiring Process

Graduating is an exciting prospect, but a more daunting challenge awaits these newly graduated individuals.  The Hiring Process! It can seem complicated to the uninitiated, so here are some pointers about job interviews that new grads should know.

  1. Learn About the Company

One of the worst things an interviewee can ask is, “What does this business do?” You should already know that before going in. A good idea is to look up a company’s information online or read trade journals. This will allow you to ask more informed questions.

  1. Ask Questions

Interviewers expect you to ask questions at the end of the meeting. Before going in, you should have, at least, two or three inquiries ready to go. Asking questions shows you are actually interested in getting the job.

  1. Show Your Enthusiasm for the Hiring Process

It is all right to show you are excited about getting the job. There is no need to be absolutely stoic. Feel free to smile and allow your enthusiasm to come across in your voice.

  1. Be Open to Entry-Level Positions

Many recently graduated students worry about only getting an entry-level job. It may not seem like the most exciting thing possible, but you should avoid judging a book by its cover. It may be entry-level now, but if you show your dedication, then you could quickly advance through the ranks.

  1. Follow Up

You are not done once the actual interview is over. You want to send a nice email thanking the interviewer for meeting with you. This final step shows you actively want this job. No note implies you lack any real interest.

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