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How Staffing Agencies Help You Avoid Hiring Mistakes

On the fence about whether or not you should use a staffing agency to help you with new hires? There are a variety of advantages that outsourced staffing professionals can provide to you. You won’t have to spend your valuable time weeding through candidates or risk making potential hiring mistakes.  Staffing professionals have the skills, connections and tools to help employers avoid costly hiring mistakes. That is because staffing and evaluating company culture is their primary focus.

Improper Job Descriptions

Often times, the job description itself can be the reason that you aren’t getting the best job candidates. A staffing agency will ensure that the job qualifications and specific tasks are worded clearly. Job descriptions should be as clear as possible because it is the candidate’s first impression of your company. Plus, job seekers need a clear understanding of your expectations.   Otherwise, they may not bother to apply.

Quality Interviews to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Managing a company while trying to conduct interviews can be stressful.  A staffing agency has a single focus: to help you find the prime candidate. All their attention will go into the interview process.  Meaning that your time is never divided, and you can rest assured that you will end up with the best candidate possible.

Picking up on Subtle Cues

It’s not always easy identifying candidates who are embellishing their skills, lying about experience or show signs of laziness or incompetence. A staffing agency is well-versed in identifying red flags in possibly bad employees. Remember, these professionals have specific training and experience that helps them weed through numerous candidates and focus only on the ones with true potential.

Staffing agencies are an investment. However, they will put in the time and attention to make sure that you get the best candidate for the job. Ultimately, this will save a considerable amount of your valuable time.  And time is money.


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Interview Etiquette: During Your Job Interview

Interview Etiquette: During Your Job Interview

Whether you are interviewing for your first job or your last, job interviews can seem intimidating. You can relieve some of this trepidation by being preparing and knowing basic job interview etiquette. During the interview itself, there are a few things to be mindful of so that you make the best first impression possible.

Body Language

While most job seekers focus on their answers, you also need to be aware of the impression you are giving off with your body. As soon as you enter, you want to give the interviewer a strong handshake. Throughout the meeting, maintain eye contact and smile.

You also want to be mindful of any nervous habits you may have. Some people tap their foot on the floor while others passively click on a pen. Practicing beforehand can make you aware of what you do unconsciously so that you can avoid certain habits during the actual job interview.

Speech Patterns

If you have a tendency to talk fast, then work on speaking slowly and clearly. There is no need to rush through the job interview. You also want to avoid sounding “over-prepared.” What this means is that you want it to seem as though you are coming up with at least a portion of the response on the fly. You do not want to sound like a robot.

Job Interview Story Telling

A huge mistake people make in job interviews is saying they possess a skill without providing any backup information. Saying you are a great leader is one thing, but telling a story where you led a team to success is much more memorable.

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