common interview questions

Common Interview Questions

It is always important to prepare for your interview. If you’ve made it this far into the process, you are a serious candidate for the position, and this is one of the last chances you’ll have to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. Focusing on questions that you might be asked during the interview process can help you be on the top of your game as questions come your way.  Preparing for a response in advance can lead to a thorough and thoughtful response that will leave your interviewers impressed.  Here are some of the most common interview questions.

Common Interview Questions #1: Can you tell me a little about yourself?

This question is commonly used as an icebreaker. Make sure not to give your entire history, but instead, focus on two to three specific achievements that demonstrate something about your character and work ethic. This answer should be thorough but concise, so it is essential to practice giving a brief pitch about yourself.

Common Interview Questions #2: How did you hear about the position?

This question might seem very basic on the surface, but it is really a chance to show your passion for the position.  Don’t say you don’t remember, you’ll seem scatterbrained.  Instead, if you were referred by a friend or colleague, use their name. If you referred by a specific job board, make sure that you recall the correct one.  This shows your ability to be organized and and leverage your personality into gains for the company. Additionally, you can also discuss how hearing about the position really got you excited.

Common Interview Questions #3: What do you know about the company?

Just about any prospective employee should know the basics of the company. This is your chance to shine and show that you’ve done the research. Demonstrate your understanding of the company’s mission by tailoring your experience to that mission.  This will show the employer that if they hire you, they will get somebody invested in the success of the business.

Common Interview Questions #3: Why should we hire you?

This question stumps most job candidates, but this is a golden opportunity. Your answer should cover three fundamental issues. You should demonstrate that you can effectively perform the functions of the position, that you can work well with a team, and that your results are going to be innovative and effective.

Preparing for your interview doesn’t have to be a scary process. Most prepared candidates often find that they are more excited about the prospect of working with a company when they have properly prepared.


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How to Choose Between Two Strong Job Candidates

So you’re close to filling your open position, but you have to choose between two extremely well-qualified job candidates. This is a great problem to have, but it’s important you proceed carefully to make the right decision for your company and for both job candidates.

Ask Yourself What You Need Right Now and In the Future

As you’re looking over both candidates’ qualifications and thinking about the interviews, ask yourself what your company needs most right now as well as what you’ll likely need in the future. Which candidate fits both roles? While one might have the qualifications you desire in the present, those same qualifications might not be in line with where you see your company going in the future.

Your Company Culture

Which candidate do you think will get along the best with your employees? Is there one who seems to better exemplify your company culture? You also want to feel your new employee will be well-satisfied working with your company, which goes a long way in overall job satisfaction and productivity. Think about how you feel when you’re in poor company or surrounded by people you have little in common with.

Which Job Candidate Actually Wants to Work With Your Company?

Just because you extend a job offer, there is no guarantee the candidate will accept it. For instance, you may not be able to meet an applicant’s desired salary or match the benefits and perks she or he has grown accustomed to. Think just as much about what each candidate wants in an employer as you think about what you want in an employee. You don’t want to contact one applicant to let him or her know she or he didn’t get the job only to learn the candidate you chose doesn’t want the job.

As you can see, there’s a lot of thought that goes into deciding between two top candidates. If the above suggestions aren’t enough, remember that Beacon Resources is always here to help.


3 Networking Questions to Ask on LinkedIn

A strong social media presence is a real asset in today’s world. Not only does social media allow you to reconnect with friends, but sites, such as LinkedIn, can help you find a job. Naturally, you would not want to ask someone over LinkedIn , “Can you get me a job?” However, there are useful networking questions to ask that allow you to network with professionals in a given field and get your foot in the door.

  1. How Did You Get Your Start?

This is an excellent networking question to start off a conversation. The answer to this networking question provides you with insight into how you can get started in a certain industry. If the professional you are speaking with has a job you hope to attain one day, then this question provides you with guidance into how to potentially obtain that job yourself.

  1. What Are Your Thoughts Regarding [Blank]?

You should fill in the blank with something trending in the professional’s industry. Perhaps you want to hear their thoughts on a new piece of legislation or a new product that could be making big waves soon. This is a great way to receive an impassioned response. You are also doing yourself a favor because you are demonstrating your knowledge about a given field.

  1. How Can I Assist You?

You do not want to ask for a job during your first interaction. However, you can position yourself as a valuable resource later on. You may end up hearing that this professional is looking for a certain employee. That employee may not be you, but you may be able to recommend someone else who would be a better fit. Helping out in this way, positions you as a great resource.

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