LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips That Will Get You Noticed

Truth be told, there are many finance and accounting professionals who have not taken full advantage of LinkedIn as a career advancement tool.  But they should! LinkedIn is the number one social media platform capturing the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. However, keep in mind that, creating a profile is only a small part of using LinkedIn. If you only do the minimum, you are not utilizing LinkedIn’s full potential and the odds are that you will get lost in the crowd. We have compiled some LinkedIn tips below to help guide you to success.

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to highlight your skills, experience, education and positive attributes. As well as, actively engage with people and groups. When you contribute to group discussions, your contribution will be displayed on your status updates, attracting more people. Connections are also very important, you should have at least 500 connections relevant to your industry.   If you have under 500 connections, it reflects to other LinkedIn users, including hiring managers,  that you don’t have many people who desire to interact with you professionally.   Finally be sure to update your profile with recent promotions, new skills, degrees or certifications.  These updates reflect that you are career-oriented and focused on advancement. These above mentioned LinkedIn Tips keep your name in front of other professionals who may be able to help in your career advancement.

Gain Profile Design Prowess

Pay attention to the detail that lets the world see the true professional you are.

  • Skilled use of search engine optimization (SEO) assures that recruiters find your page. To select those:
    • Pick key terms from your current job description such as “data analysis” or “P&L Management.”
    • Choose key terms from descriptions of jobs you hope for, and for which you are qualified.
  • Be headline and picture perfect!
    • Consider revamping your headline so that it goes beyond a job title. Use it to showcase your skills and aspirations.
    • Update your profile picture, assuring it conveys professionalism and approachability. According to LinkedIn, profiles with a photo are 21 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without. They are also 9 times more likely to receive connection requests.
    • Include a relevant background image that is distinct for you and your interests.
  • Update the skills section, again with SEO in mind.
  • Use the summary section to showcase your achievements and professionals goals. According to LinkedIn, recruiters consider it the most important section of your profile.
  • Add your location.  Most recruiters screen by location.  According to LinkedIn, by adding your city, you will boost your chances of being noticed by 23 times.
  • Add your education and school.  Profiles with education details receive 17 times more messages from recruiters.  However, there is no need to include your graduation year.

Job Search Management Tools

LinkedIn offers a comprehensive approach to managing your job search. Open the jobs icon and from there you can view salary ranges across the country, as you proceed to “career interests.” This is where you can turn on the “let recruiters know you are open” button and set privacy settings. Other settings offer:

  • Status of your search: pending, active, open to offers or not
  • Location options
  • Job title selection
  • Job type, such as full-time, contract, etc.
  • From there go to the “Go to Jobs” tab
    • Search jobs
    • Track jobs for which you have applied

Use LinkedIn to Broaden Your Network

Network on LinkedIn, reaching out to past colleagues or friends from school. Connect with people in your sector or in locations to which you hope to relocate. These Linkedin tips will help you gain the most out of your efforts.  For more LinkedIn tips, check out 3 Networking Questions to Ask on LinkedIn.

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top recruiters

Getting Noticed by Top Recruiters

In this fast-paced and crowded world of multimedia, it can be difficult to capture the attention of top recruiters.  But, knowing that the right recruiter can jump-start your career, you may be wondering just how to get noticed by top recruiters? Don’t leave your career to chance. Use these tips to polish your presentation and get noticed by the best accounting finance recruiters.

Show the Top Recruiters You Have what it Takes

Demonstrate your ability upfront with a carefully crafted resume and cover letter that get the recruiter’s attention.

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter for each position in which you are interested.
    • Align your skills and accomplishments with language from the position description.
    • Be sure your cover letter includes statements about your interest in the position and the organization.
    • Use recommended font and professional design elements.
  • Describe performance in measurable terms.
    • This is where to highlight teamwork, either as leader or part of an effective group.
    • Concrete results, such as percent of savings through systems upgrades.
  • Include values statements and learning interests to offer a true sense of your professionalism.
    • Concisely reflect on the relevance of learning options to your growth.
    • Detail your desire for continued learning to contribute to the firm and your professional sector.

Make Your Mark

Everything has gone well with the review of your application materials. The recruiter has invited you to an initial phone or video interview. Prepare as carefully for this appointment as you do for an in-person interview.

  • Accept and confirm the invitation in a timely manner.
  • Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview.
  • Make notes to use as reminders to questions. Theirs and yours.
  • Give yourself free time before the appointment. Do so away from your current office.

Present Your Best Self

Time to meet with the recruiter. Gain a good impression that leads to placement by:

  • Making notes with responses to questions you’ll likely be asked. Go over those to have them down pat.
  • Being confident yet humble, avoiding any hint of arrogance.
  • Dressing and acting like the true finance professional you are.
  • Being genuine and sincere.


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resume gaffes

Common Resume Gaffes

Resume gaffes can put a halt to your career advancement, regardless of how well educated, skilled, and referenced you are. Be on the lookout for these resume gaffes that could derail your job hunt and chances for career success.

Worn Out Clichés

Worn out clichés are like your old, comfy jeans. They belong in after-hours gatherings, rather than the workplace. Better to get to the point, noting your abilities in measurable terms, rather than overwhelm the hiring manager with overused jargon.

Vocabulary Misuse

Call it misuse or misspelling, some words can slip-up the best of us. For example, hitting send before noticing the dreaded error of typing “their” in the place of “there”, or “they’re.”   Although, you know the difference, resume gaffes like this can easily slip-in when we are typing quickly.

Font Size and Style Matter

Focus on these two points! First, your resume needs to be easily read by the automated resume screening software. Once it is approved for HR to review, it needs to stand out. Clear, crisp font style in a healthy size will make your resume shine. As it’s a short read, a sans serif font like Calibri is an apt choice. Go no smaller than font size 11, preferably at a minimum of 12.

Second, select a simple design style. Pick one with a good balance of text and ‘white space’ that is not dominated by design elements.

Focus on the Job at Hand

Applying for a new position can feel like a full-time job, in itself. When done well, it can be well worth your effort. Refine your  résumé for each position. Select keywords from the job description to highlight your experience and skills. Using care to assure your résumé truly represents your skills will reap professional rewards.

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second job interview

Second Job Interview Questions

Congratulations! You are on to your second job interview, a sure sign of your potential. Being called for second job interview offers you the chance to get more details about the organization as they learn more about your attributes. Ask carefully selected questions to decide if this organization is your best option.

What is the Most Challenging Part of the Job?

Responses to this question offer insights into management’s view of the position’s difficulty. They will reveal if the position is new to the company by referencing other businesses’ experiences. Remember, it’s okay to feel suspect if you are told there are few challenges.

What Will I Usually do Each Week?

A hiring manager should be able to answer this clearly and quickly. Their role depends on knowing the overview of each position and its regular functions and expectations.

Do Employees from Various Departments Meet Together?

Answers to this question show company cohesiveness and equity. Interdepartmental meetings and committees lead to shared decision-making and cooperation. These company attributes lead to an improved overall understanding of roles in relation to outcomes.

What is Unique About the Company’s Workplace Culture?

Many organizations offer prospective job candidates the chance to meet other key employees in the second round. Use this opportunity to gain insights from employees about what they see as something unique about the culture.

Is There Anything Special I Should Know About Working Here?

The responses to this question might be surprising. This is a bit different than the prior question that is interpersonally focused. Hopefully, you will learn something that is new, such as the company’s anticipated rollout of a perks program.

How Does the Hiring Process Proceed from Here?

This answer should be clear and reasonable. Watch for signs of genuine interaction to get a sense that you are still in the running.


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Job Search Myths You Need to Forget

3 Job Search Myths You Need to Forget

Everyone has their own opinions of how job searches should be conducted. This has caused a lot of misinformation and half-truths to spread. To improve your ability to land a job, you need to forget the following job search myths immediately.

Job Search Myth #1: The Hiring Manager Will Figure Out You Are a Great Fit

You should never assume that a hiring manager will figure out you are qualified for a job. Leaving out important information because you think you will have a chance to go more in-depth on your qualification for the interview practically guarantees there will be no interview. You want to make it painfully obvious on your resume you are utterly capable of handling this position.

Job Search Myth #2: You Can Get Through the Automated System With No Issues

These days, many hiring managers rely on automated systems to screen out applications that do not contain certain keywords. A job recruiter might not even get a chance to read your resume at all. This is why you never want to send the same resume to every opening. You want to customize it, even just a little, for every job description you find with relevant keywords and job titles.

Job Search Myth #3: Every Application Will Get a Response

Many people assume they will get a response, either good or bad, to every application. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many times, you will send an application to a hiring manager and never hear back. While it can be frustrating to not even hear back as to why you were passed over, it is a normal part of the process. If you do not hear back from a hiring manager within a reasonable amount of time, then it would be best to move on.

Job hunting is already tough. However, if you are able to be realistic, then you can better hone your skills to become a better job job seeker. When you are looking for a career in finance, Beacon Resources can help. Submit your resume here to get started.