Make Your First Impression Favorable

The first impression you make with a prospective employer does matter! Of course, this works both ways as you consider your impressions of the organization and its representatives. Yet, you are seeking the job thus the onus is for you to present yourself well and in a favorable light.

Be Prepared

The impression you make depends on your preparation and timeliness. Give attention to each of the following topics, even those as which you excel. There’s always something new to be gained by focusing on an important career step like interviewing for a highly desirable position.

Plan to be Early

It’s best to leave leeway for your commute. Traffic snarls and crowds can put you behind in no time flat. Getting to the interview early has benefits beyond being on time! You can:

  • Refresh and try to relax with focused breathing.
  • Review your interview notes.
  • Grab a snack to avoid mid-interview hunger.

Dress the Part

Clothes matter! Select a professional outfit that is understated. You want it to be comfortable and something that would even meet conservative dress code requirements. Assure that your grooming follows similar guidelines.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Body language nuances can be seemingly small yet make a world of difference. Convey confidence with a firm, well-timed handshake. Greet the interview manager or team with a ready, natural smile. Stand and sit straight and walk with a well-paced gait. Other tips for attending to body language are:

  • Position yourself to directly face whoever is speaking with you.
  • Use active listening behaviors.
  • Avoid fidgeting. Folding your hands helps as doing so centers and calms when feeling nervous or anxious.

Be Genuine

One of the most important interviewing tips is to be genuine. This means letting your integrity and authenticity shine. Do so as you speak about:

  • Values,
  • Commitment to the community,
  • Professional aspirations, and
  • Gratitude for opportunities, including that presented by this interview.

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top recruiters

Getting Noticed by Top Recruiters

In this fast-paced and crowded world of multimedia, it can be difficult to capture the attention of top recruiters.  But, knowing that the right recruiter can jump-start your career, you may be wondering just how to get noticed by top recruiters? Don’t leave your career to chance. Use these tips to polish your presentation and get noticed by the best accounting finance recruiters.

Show the Top Recruiters You Have what it Takes

Demonstrate your ability upfront with a carefully crafted resume and cover letter that get the recruiter’s attention.

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter for each position in which you are interested.
    • Align your skills and accomplishments with language from the position description.
    • Be sure your cover letter includes statements about your interest in the position and the organization.
    • Use recommended font and professional design elements.
  • Describe performance in measurable terms.
    • This is where to highlight teamwork, either as leader or part of an effective group.
    • Concrete results, such as percent of savings through systems upgrades.
  • Include values statements and learning interests to offer a true sense of your professionalism.
    • Concisely reflect on the relevance of learning options to your growth.
    • Detail your desire for continued learning to contribute to the firm and your professional sector.

Make Your Mark

Everything has gone well with the review of your application materials. The recruiter has invited you to an initial phone or video interview. Prepare as carefully for this appointment as you do for an in-person interview.

  • Accept and confirm the invitation in a timely manner.
  • Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview.
  • Make notes to use as reminders to questions. Theirs and yours.
  • Give yourself free time before the appointment. Do so away from your current office.

Present Your Best Self

Time to meet with the recruiter. Gain a good impression that leads to placement by:

  • Making notes with responses to questions you’ll likely be asked. Go over those to have them down pat.
  • Being confident yet humble, avoiding any hint of arrogance.
  • Dressing and acting like the true finance professional you are.
  • Being genuine and sincere.


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highlighting your talents

Highlighting Your Talents During a Job Interview

Many people have a difficult time talking about themselves and their talents. Yet, highlighting your talents during a job interview without boasting is an important skill to master. The following tips will guide you through balancing confident self-advocacy without going overboard.

Display Your Depth of Knowledge About the Sector

Start by highlighting your talents and knowledge by summarizing the advantages of working in the finance and accounting sector.  Doing so may be part of your answer to an interviewer’s question about why you are seeking the given position. Describing your interest in gaining more experience in given areas of the sector reveals your openness to growth.

Link the Position’s Requirements with Your Finance or Accounting Expertise

Articulate your areas of expertise by linking each with the job’s posted requirements. Doing so highlights your keen understanding of the position and how well your qualifications match the desired attributes. Use concrete examples of achievements to underscore your skills.

Show What You Bring to the Organization

Remember that you are being recruited by an organization that will have ever-increasing financial needs for expertise as it expands. Your ability to describe your performance at acquiring new technical and soft skills reveals the breadth of your talent. At the same time, stating your attraction to the business helps to solidify the interview team’s view of your potential.

Highlight Management and Leadership Outcomes

Interviews offer the opportunity to describe one’s ability to work with others. Demonstrate this attribute by presenting examples of team-based outcomes. Measures of success that led to increased consumer satisfaction with financial interfaces reveal qualitative and quantitative outcomes. Use this approach to highlight your leadership and management outcomes. This is especially important when you are interviewing for an advanced management position.

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job interview question

“Why are You Interested in this Position?” Job Interview Question

Prepare for your upcoming interview by crafting responses to some of the most common job interview questions. Along with the “tell us about yourself” inquiry, you’re also likely to be asked, “why are you interested in this position?” There are a number of ways to address this job interview question. We have crafted job interview question tips below that will help you stand out in a positive way.

Steer Clear of These Job Interview Question Responses

It helps to know about responses that will be frowned upon. This allows you to focus on preparing a positive, winning answer. Replies that focus on the salary, desire for leaving your current position, or the amount of vacation time are unlikely to impress the hiring manager. Also, avoid suggesting that this position is most important because it will help you to quickly get ahead.

Include Your Interest in the Organization

Although it may be obvious, you want to work for this organization. Demonstrate you have done due diligence to learn about the company in your response. Potential topics to include are:

  • The meaning of the organization’s mission and values to you as a finance professional.
  • The company’s history of innovation and excellence.
  • Its commitment to community endeavors.

Relate the Position to Your Skills and Interests

Link job specifics with your abilities to make your response shine. This is the information a hiring manager wants and needs. Your solid reply means that you have carefully reviewed the position’s requirements and responsibilities. You have conducted a self-assessment and can clearly state what you bring to the job. That includes your interest in learning and growing in this ever-evolving field.

Let Your Soft Skills Show

Hiring managers are rarely going to ask you directly to describe your soft skills in a job interview, so it is up to you to creatively highlight them. The trick is to showcase your soft skills by the way you articulate your answers.  This can by done by explaining your answers with a ‘how’ statement, rather than just stating the result.  Show your soft skills by:

  • Showcasing your perseverance and dedication when discussing your accomplishments, job responsibilities and problem solving.
  • When describing your accomplishments, mention how you collaborated with colleagues.  Avoid ‘I’ statements, and use ‘we’ whenever possible.
  • In order to showcase your adaptability, describe a time that you stepped in to help a colleague when you noticed they needed help or were overwhelmed.
  • Sincerely expressing gratitude for the chance to interview for this desired position.


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tell me about yourself

Overcoming the Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question

The Tell Me About Yourself interview question is often among the first questions asked during a job interview.  Be careful not to misread the intention of the question, the intention of this question is not to become best friends with the interviewer.  The goal of the question is to determine if you are a good fit for the position.  That being said, your best strategy is to focus on what about you makes you a good fit for the position.  This is your opportunity to market yourself as the solution to their problem.

Take time now to craft a genuine, informative response.

Avoid Red Flag Topics

When a hiring manager asks the Tell Me About Yourself question, the expected response is work-focused. Unfortunately, a nervous applicant can mistake the open-ended inquiry as something personal. Avoid that interview error by not:

  • Discussing your personal and family history. This information does not let the interviewer know your qualifications for the position.
  • Reciting the details of your resume. The hiring manager already knows these and is interested in you because of them. No need for repetition.
  • Complaining about your present or past positions. Doing so gives the impression you are going through the motions to get a new job. It does not convey sincere interest in the position.

Make the Most of Precious Job Interview Minutes

Use quality statements. To prepare, review the job posting and description. Link your responses with your ability to fulfill the position’s qualifications and responsibilities.

  • Begin with a broad statement about your career to date. This can be done by highlighting skills and values, creating a cohesive view of past work.
  • If you are new to the professional job market, summarize your work values, relating these to your interest in the position.
  • Write your response, reading it over several times. Be sure to sound natural and not rehearsed.

Here’s  a Tell Me About Yourself Sample Response

“My work for the last several years has been in the finance department of a regional non-profit organization. My responsibilities include payroll and funding management. This requires diligent oversight to assure accurate reporting to government and private agencies, including staff training about regulations and compliance. I value working in a setting that contributes to others’ lives.” Use this as a guide to craft your statement, ending with what attracts you to the position you seek.

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