Four Words to Help You Ace That Job Interview

There are many things to prepare for when heading to a job interview; the right questions to ask, how to present your accomplishments professionally, talk enough but not too much.

Recent research shows that job candidates underestimate the importance of sharing the value of what motivates them.  Being able to honestly state the four words,  “I love my work,” shows the recruiter that you won’t be showing up just for a paycheck.

Why is This Statement Valuable in an Interview?

o Job satisfaction, productivity, and retention are linked to motivation.
o External or extrinsic motivation is prompted by outside forces. It can be another’s praise, promise of a promotion, or vacation benefits.
o Internal or intrinsic motivation comes from within. Your inner drive is related to your values, beliefs, or creative abilities on a special project.
o Loving something for what it is, beyond any form of reward, means that your internal motivation is at work.
o A person who states a love for their work, is functioning from inner personal drive and desire.

What Do Recruiters Really Want to Learn about Candidates?

Recruiters want to hear, see, and feel a candidate’s enthusiasm and love for their work. This is expressed through words, actions, facial expression, and tone of voice. Think of people you know who become animated when talking about something they love. Witnessing that excitement is uplifting and infectious. This is what recruiters want candidates to express in a professional setting.

4 Steps to Take to Prepare for Showing Your Inner Drive

  1. Identify two or three work factors that you love and why you care about each.
  2. Find words that express your genuine feelings.
  3. Ask friends to conduct a mock interview with you. Listen to their feedback.
  4. Notice what made you feel awkward and what felt authentic.
    Now you’re ready…go for it!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  –Steve Jobs, Former CEO & Co-Founder of Apple Inc.

Now that you know more about what words will separate you from your competition, you’ll be armed with an additional weapon for that interview. To start your journey, contact one of the leading financial headhunters in the industry at Beacon Resources today.

skype job interview

7 Tips to Nail a Skype Job Interview

In a world that has grown increasingly reliant on technology, Skype job interviews are becoming more common. Here are the top Skype job interview tips to make sure you’re ready to succeed.

  1. Look at your camera instead of your screen

Your first instinct is probably to look at the interviewer on your screen. However, you should look at the camera. This will make you look more engaged with the person on the other end.

  1. Prepare your surroundings

Choose a quiet place to be interviewed in with a professional backdrop. You don’t want the background to be distracting. De-clutter your space and find a spot with the best lighting.

  1. Use Notes

One of the best parts of the Skype interview process is that you can help yourself with handy notes. Have a copy of your resume ready and some post-it notes with things you want to bring up.

  1. Update Your Profile

The first impression during a Skype interview is your profile. Make sure you have a professional username, bio, and picture. You could even create a separate Skype profile for business purposes.

  1. Close Other Programs

Make sure other windows are closed before your interview. Not only will this help your computer run at full capacity, but it will also avoid any noisy notifications or ads going off in the background.

  1. Dress Well Even For a Skype Job Interview

If you’re wondering what to wear for a Skype interview, treat it like any other interview. Wear professional clothing from head to toe, just to be safe.

  1. Be Mindful of Your Body Language

Make sure you relax your shoulders and keep a good posture. You don’t want to look too stiff or slouchy.
For more help, check out our other job interview tips. If you’re a new manager, read our post on interview tips for new managers. Contact a Beacon Resources recruiter for personalized help in finding a job and nailing interviews.