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Trendsetting Office Benefits

Gone are the days when bosses made the final decision about office benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS), today’s finance and accounting sector is a competitive one.  That being said, the ball is in the job applicant’s court when it comes to what office benefits applicants will accept.  Apparently, some office benefits are non-negotiable as more professionals seek work/life balance.  With that in mind, turning your office into a benefits trendsetter is needed to capture the attention of today’s in-demand job applicants.

Move Beyond the Cafeteria Approach to Office Benefits

The benefits cafeteria plan has become passé. Yes, it’s much like being in line at the cafeteria. There are limited choices portioned by the server, yet you’re hungry. You select the best option even if it’s not fully satisfying. Think instead of a smorgasbord, a wide array of options from which employees select the type and amount that reflect their lifestyle.

  • Paid leave time that matches an employee’s needs, from new parent leave to time caring for an ill or aging family member.
  • Bereavement time that respects a person’s needs.
  • Wellness options that align with a staff person’s interests and choices.

Turn Your Perks into Policies

Perks come and go, based in part on popularity, with the other being funds. Focus on the perks that do both, adding value to your bottom line while gaining employee favor. Use a trial period to determine if a perk does both. If it does, convert it to a policy.

Relax Some Personnel Mandates

The keyword here is “relax” as employees’ innovation and performance improve when workplace stress lessens.

Get Feedback

Gather employee input on a regular basis. Do so in team and individual meetings. Request feedback about work processes, relations with leadership, and ideas for improved production.

  • Conduct periodic surveys to assure your workplace benefits and policies are keeping pace with employee preferences.
  • Make note of anecdotal opinions that come your way—they’re sure to mirror what staff are talking about.

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take your dog to work day

Celebrate ‘Take Your Dog to Work’ Day Everyday

June 21 is National Take Your dog to Work Day, a celebration of our canine pals.  Currently, nine percent of U.S. businesses allow pets at work every day.  Take Your Dog to Work Day was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions.  Since 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day has been celebrated annually on the Friday after Father’s Day.  The day encourages employers to experience the benefits of pets in the workplace for one day to support their dog loving employees.

What is it about dogs at work that create a fun and positive environment?  According to a Virginia Commonwealth University study, having dogs at work increases job satisfaction, lowers stress and boosts employee loyalty. Dogs also remind employees to take breaks keeping them healthy and alert. Plus, the perk alleviates the guilt many people feel about leaving their dogs at home alone all day.

Read on to decide if your workplace is ready to make Take Your Dog to Work day a permanent employee perk.

Pets as a Perk and a Benefit

A wide variety of workplaces now welcome pets at work. They’re doing so because of the benefits for employees and work outcomes. Employees are serious about the perk of having a pet at work according to a dog food survey that noted:

  • Almost one quarter of over 1,000 participants said they’d be more productive with a pet at work.
  • Over one-third would take a pay cut or give up vacation time to have their dog at work each day.
  • Close to half would change jobs or career to work in a pet friendly workplace.

What benefits are pet-friendly workplaces witnessing?

Both studies and anecdotal observations describe reductions in stress levels and increases in job satisfaction.

  • Employers note increased loyalty and employee retention.
  • The workplace becomes more companionable and interactive.
  • Those with pets take regular breaks, a positive health benefit.

Keep the Office Safe and Clean

Provide for employee well-being while assuring pet-friendly provisions by:

  • Requiring pets to be trained, vaccinated, neutered, and able to interact well with other pets and people.
  • Having a pet rest area, exercise space, and cleaning materials for ‘oops’ moments.
  • Requesting each pet parent to provide space in their work station for their animal.
  • Noting common areas that are kept pet-free.

Consider Workplace Contracts

Prior to instituting pet-friendly workplace policies check in with:

  • Lease holders to assure terms accommodate pets.
  • Liability insurers to determine if there are limitations or riders to put in place.
  • Other pet-friendly workplaces for their advice on lessons learned.

Take Your Dog to Work Day is a day to celebrate our furry friends in the office, but many companies are now embracing this perk year-round.  Incorporating Take Your Dog to Work Day into your year-round perk program is beneficial provided you use judgment and create consistent policies.

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professional development

Pros of Professional Development

With finance and accounting unemployment rates hovering around 2%, astute employers are expanding employee retention initiatives to remain competitive. Designing professional development plans that encourage job satisfaction are top of mind for many employers interested in upping their employee retention strategy.   Providing professional development training encourages employees to perform better and prepares them for greater responsibility.  Additionally, it can also help attract top job candidates.  Investing in your employees is beneficial to the entire company and can boost the bottom line.

Match Professional Development Options with Learner Interests

Provide a variety of educational and training options to match employee learning styles and interests. These include:

  • Extended professional development options, such as:
    • Finance and accounting certifications.
    • Accredited and continuing education courses.
    • Goal-specific in-house mentoring.
  • Sound-bite learning that can be readily integrated within a workday. These can be conducted independently or led by anyone wanting to advance their training abilities.
    • YouTube sessions.
    • Video and audio tutorials.
    • Short skills sessions to advance digital knowledge, soft skills, customer awareness, and others.
  • Invite employees who are enrolled in courses, conducting certification studies, or have attended a conference to:
    • Hold lunch and learn sessions with colleagues about lessons they are gaining.
    • Provide Q & A opportunities to share:
      • First hand insights about studying online.
      • Seeking certification.
      • Balancing learning with work and home life.

Consider Return on Investment Planning

As you plan on investing in employees, you want to assure that your organization gains as well. Consider options for protecting business interests while providing for professional development.

  • Establish a contractual agreement for tuition reimbursement. This may include:
    • Expected duration of continued employment following course completion.
    • Partial or full payback of tuition if employment ends.
  • Request employees engaging in professional development to mentor new staff or prepare internal social media posts about lessons learned.


When employees can perform their jobs more efficiently, they become more confident and motivated.  Confidence and motivation leads to greater employee retention.


summer perks

Offer Your Finance Staff these Summer Perks

Spring is here with lengthening days and climbing temperatures.   In this tight job market, employers are seeking ways to  find and retain employees. In doing so, companies are getting more creative with their summer perks. Approximately 72% of employers that increased benefits cited employee retention as the reason, while 58% wanted to attract new employees, according to the Society for Human Resource Management 2018 Employee Benefits Survey. 

With summer just a month away, now’s the time to surprise your employees with an array of summer perks. Here are some fun perks that will add to your employees’ summer enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Offer Extended Weekend Options

Add a day to weekends to let staff have refreshing time off. They might stay home or head out on an overnight. Either way, that extra day makes a big difference for their plans. Negotiate this plan with extended-hour workdays or to show gratitude for exceptional performance.

Showcase a Smorgasbord of Summer Delights

Each month treat employees to a summer sampler of locally sourced produce and products. Smoothies, salads, and sampler appetizers can be presented with a festive flair that celebrates local entrepreneurs as well as your staff.

Plan Summer Flex Hours

Flexible hours allow employees to attend kids’ games, host a weeknight neighborhood BBQ, or kick back with a good book. Negotiate flex time with virtual work hours or working a long day in exchange for a short one. Request staff to coordinate their schedules, assuring that there is adequate work coverage.

Treat Them to a Team Outing

Work together to plan a relaxing, fun outing. Summer offers many options, indoors and out, for a few hours of amusement. Botanical gardens, carnivals, and various celebrations all provide unique opportunities for employees to share interests.

Dress Down Day

Allow employees who aren’t client-facing to wear more casual attire.  Casual Fridays can promote a break from the monotony of the usual workday and help employees feel more engaged with their work.

Perk Things Up with Gratitude

Saying “thank you” and showing gratitude are subtle yet meaningful ways to show appreciation. Summer will fade away. Sincere gratitude endures through all seasons.

Summer Perks Overview

Investing in your employees happiness might not seem like an obvious way to increase your margins, but in reality it is.  Happy employees who feel appreciated are more engaged.  Keep your employees happy and they will remain committed and loyal to you.


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5 Office Productivity Boosting Perks

When it comes to working together effectively, nothing goes further than showing appreciation for your employees. Office perks are essential to making your team feel appreciated. Ultimately, this will make a difference in morale and productivity. If you know that your employees could benefit from some added incentive, then you’ll want to check out these tips to boost your team’s happiness and productivity. Little perks such as these can go a long way in getting the best from your entire workforce.

Serve Good Coffee

Many people like to kick off their day with a piping hot cup of Joe. Don’t settle for the cheap stuff when it comes to the coffee bar. Instead, invest in quality coffee and tea so that your employees know that you are going the extra mile to give them a little added comfort.

Bring in Food

No matter what your budget may be, you should try to treat your team at least once a month to an in-office lunch. Some companies have the means to go all out with catering once a week, but even an occasional pizza will improve productivity. Nothing brings people together quite like food can, so take advantage of that!

Create Rewards

Some managers cringe at the idea of rewards because it means a cost investment. However, rewards don’t have to be expensive! Prizes could be as simple as earning a title, receiving a small gift, or even some extra time off. Giving your employees something to work toward will keep them fresh and invested in the workplace.

Health Incentives

Workplaces that invest in their employee’s health always produce better results. You can create a health challenge program, office sports team, or just incentivize healthy choices so that employees feel motivated about their health. A healthy employee can give more of themselves to the workplace and, in turn, increase productivity.

Plants are Perks, too!

Being around plants and greenery can improve employee productivity by 15% or more. Introducing plants to your office, placed where everyone can see them – can improve memory, reduce stress and boost creativity.

It doesn’t take much to boost your team’s happiness and productivity. People just want to know that their workplace cares about them. Add in a few extra perks and your employees are much more likely to come to work happy and give their best effort.

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